Welcome to Spirit Life Ministries.  We invite you to join us for any or all of the meetings that we have.  Our focus is to equip the saints to do the work of ministry, to declare the Kingdom of God, and to be a prophetic voice to those around us.

God continues to move and change us and our ministry.  We "go and do" as the Lord directs.  It doesn't always make sense to us, but we find that in the bigger picture, He always makes it Great!

Pastor Jerry and Dr. Ruthie Wickline

Dr. Clarice will be back in Wichita, Kansas 

 April, 2019.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized speaker.
Topics she covers...
  • Identifying and Developing Your Identity
  • Converting Your Dreams into Reality
  • Releasing the Leadership Role in Your LIfe
  • Recognizing and Activating Opportunity
  • Stand Up and Pursue Your Passion
  • DevelopingYour LImitless Potential